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Looking for help with a couple of movies titles from the 60s or 70s

First: The premise of the movie was a man stuck in a locked department store overnight. The store had guard dogs that chased him all night.. The actor reminded me of Charles Bronson... or it may have even been him. He used items from the store to help him survive... at one point he gets a dog bite on the leg and has to use his belt to stop the bleeding... he also made a blowgun out of items found in the sporting goods section.

Second: This was a western at the end of which the hero was surrounded inside a log cabin. Knowing in advance he would be vastly outnumbered....He had dug out the floor and lined a series of ground level holes cut into the walls with many rifles. He had them rigged with a bunch of string so he could shoot them all from safety below. I saw this as a kid but the power went out just as the fight was going to start... and I've never seen it again.... I've always wondered how it ended?


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Best answer: First one is probably Trapped with James Brolin.
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Response by poster: Yes it is! Thanks Admiral
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Here's a trailer--looks awesome.
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Best answer: I think your other movie is "Death Hunt". It's placed in the Klondike in winter, with Mountie Lee Marvin chasing fugitive Charles Bronson, who is hoofing it towards the Alaska border. The scene you remember is at the beginning.
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Response by poster: Thanks Mr. Pickle I'll check it out.
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