Website for ticket alerts?
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Please help me find a website that notifies you when a ticket goes on sale by providing them with a link of the page you will be purchasing the ticket from.
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SonicLiving has historically been the perfect thing for this, with email alerts containing links that easily get you to the ticket purchase site. However, it was sold a little while back, went down for a while, and only recently came back from the dead with a still-under-construction facelift. My account still works and the calendar is well-seeded with new events, so it's still probably worth a try.
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I've had good luck with the Bands in Town facebook app. It requires you to like all the artists pages on facebook, but I grabbed tickets during pre-sale periods for artists I loved but never actually signed up to the email list/twitter for, but had likes from when the old 'list of musicians you love' field in facebook was converted into page likes/follows.
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Bandsintown is also an Android/iOS app that can scan your music library for the artists you listen to, and track when they go on tour. I get email notifications for every new concert announcement which has made me much more likely to hit up a show! Ticket purchase links are included.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for more of a site that you can add the page url of where the tickets will be selling and it alerts you when they are on sale. Not for a specific artist. For example, I tend to purchase tickets often from ResidentAdvisor. They post events months ahead and then a month or two before the event the tickets go on sale. And I am usually checking everyday until they start selling them.
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