Bag Me Please oh wise MeFites! For I cannot bag alone!
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So I need a new everyday purse and I think i'm sooo special that none of the already answered questions will do. I've spent hours and days searching and am turning to you for help. I am looking for a small bag with a short shoulder strap that is structured enough to bring to a nice dinner but not too fancy to be dropped on the floor. obnoxious branding need not apply. More details inside!

Here is my current bag that I am replacing because it is beat up. I got it at banana republic for 50 dollars and it lasted 6 months. I would love something a bit nicer and classier, but don't want to spend more than $250 (preferably much less) because I am really hard on things and don't want to feel obligated to use something delicately because of it's cost.
I loved the shape and size of the bag above and would ideally like to replicate that or something similar...

Things I like: structure, small size, short chain strap, leather (or leatheresque), flexibility, goes with everything, not super loud but some interesting detail so it's not super plain

Things I don't like: slouchy, nylon or fabric, obnoxious branding (marc jacobs nameplates are on the upper end - crossing the line of what is acceptable IMHO). I am considering the rebecca minkoff M.A.C bag but do not like the ubiquitousness of it and would prefer something that people don't recognize and form opinions about me based on. (tough to impossible, I know..)

This seems like an easy ask but all of my brick and mortar shopping and internet searching in the last few weeks have not been able to discover the perfect thing. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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You know, I'm nuts about Brahmin. I think they meet your needs. The price is right if you buy on EBay. My purses from them have been indestructible, too. Check out their clutches, and perhaps their minis and cross bodies too.
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I've seen this sort of bag at H&M and Forever 21.

I like the pricing ($20-$30) because then I don't feel bad if they start to look ratty after a season, which is when I start wanting to switch up my purses anyway.
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You should totally go look at Cambridge Satchel.

Their bags are gorgeous, but alas, not for me. (I'm a Po Campo girl, I love the waxed canvas.)
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And I'll elaborate. I love satchels, but I realized after I got one they will not work for my life. And I prefer the Cambridge Satchel to the brand I bought (which I now can't remember the name of) because the shoulder strap on the Cambridge is removable. I believe they also have styles now with a magnetic clasp instead of buckles only.

Can't wait to see what you decide on!
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I suggest a leather clutch in a recognized brand if you want durability. I found this Michael Kors bag on Zappos that might work for you. Also check out this awesome Coach crossbody clutch (I love the colors!). This Carlos bag might be too small for you, but I think the way the chain strap attaches is really cool looking, in an understated way. In fact, I might buy the multi one for myself.

I love animal prints and consider them to be neutral -- you might not agree -- but these might also work for you: Vince Camuto Caleb (if you look at the closeup pics, you'll see a glimpse of a chain strap), Snob essentials leopard print clutch.

On any of these, if the chains are too long you can have them shortened at a shoe repair store. I get all the straps on my purses fixed one way or another -- they are never what I want so I gave up trying to find the perfect strap and just get them fixed.
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You know, if you're into leather, for $250 you could probably find a leather crafter who could make exactly whatever you want. Of course, if you're not into leather, probably not.
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