NYC Dinner for two, tonight near Metropolitan Opera
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Two people have tickets for Die Zauberflöte at 7:30 tonight and have no plans for dinner. These two people want to eat a meal before the opera and did not make reservations. Where can they go?

I don't know what their budget is, but have been tasked with finding some place that might take them, either with reservations now or to squeeze in at 6:15, which is the earliest they can arrive due to work commitments. What is nearby?

The good/fast/inexpensive "pick two" choices are "good and fast" but fast and inexpensive will work if the consensus is that good and fast are not possible at this late notice. Also, both are able to walk a few blocks to the opera after dinner if that's the best bet.
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Rosa Mexicano
The Smith
Bar Boulud
Shun Lee West
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Follow up: Bar Boulud has a 6:30 seating (or space at the bar) and the other 3 have 6:15 reservations for 2 available on Open Table.
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Response by poster: Dinner has been decided without me. Thanks for your brainstorming melissasaurus, and the tip about Open Table. I had no idea!
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The Smith is amazing.
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For future reference, Matt's Grill on 9th Ave is casual, fast and great.
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