Roadtrip to see the Day of the Dead in Baja?
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This Halloween weekend, I would like to surprise my wife with a daytrip to Mexico to see a traditional Día de Muertos observance (we live in San Diego county). I would like your help, MetaFilter. What are some good places, within a couple hours drive, for us to do so, and is there a specific time that would be best? Is this even an appropriate thing to visit as (visibly non-mexican) tourists? Help me plan this.
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I wouldn't drive in Mexico. Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. When I was in Acapulco, I personally witnessed three accidents. My dad drove us into Sonora when I was a kid. It was pretty scary, and when we had car was unfun in the extreme.

Rosarito would be a good place to check out.

There are busses, and I'd recommend them. Another trick is to park right at the boarder and walk into Tijuana and take a bus to the coast from there.
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For a weekend trip into Mexico, you're mostly looking at Baja and Sonora, right? From my limited knowledge as a Tucsonan, the most spectacular Day of the Dead celebrations are found in southern Mexico.

Here's an article on top 7 Day of the Dead festivals.

This article does say that Alamos has Day of the Dead festivals. And going on my grandpa's pictures of the place, Alamos is a beautiful town all around.
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I've heard that the Day of the Dead celebrations in Baja are more of family events than big celebrations...I'm not sure you're close enough to drive to the bigger festivals.
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Why not go to one in San Diego county? It would seem less like questionable cultural-appropriation tourism if you at least remained in your own country.

Here's a link.
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