Making the permeable impermeable
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I'm going to ditch our many-times-washed-and-bleached,-now-crusty shower curtain liner. I no longer want to use a liner. Here's our outer shower curtain. What can I do to make it, if not waterproof, less likely to allow water to seep through? Share your tricks, trick'r treaters.
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The difficulty, as I see it, is: you must have a curtain that tucks inside the shower/bath at the bottom. A curtain that's not tucked in, however waterproof it might be in itself, will allow water to drizzle down it and form a big puddle outside the tub (ask me how I know).

You could probably just tuck in your current curtain and it'd work OK for this purpose-- even non-waterproof fabric isn't all that permeable by light shower spray. My concern would be that plain cotton/poly woven material is not at all designed to stand up to constant wetting and soaking. I'd think it'd get moldy/mildewy almost immediately, and/or possibly start to disintegrate at the bottom from the stress on the fibers, since even with a waterproof coating the threads of the material would still be exposed to water at the bottom of the tub. So if you're dead-set on not getting a proper nylon or 100%-poly shower curtain to replace this one, I'd maybe look into moldproofing, as well as waterproofing.
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Like you, I hate that gross shower liner. I switched to using just a fabric shower curtain (the "hotel liner," as it's known) and it's amazing. The fabric is treated to be slightly mildew resistant, and it's very easy to throw in the wash. Water does not make it past the curtain to the floor. If you're dead set on keeping this particular outer curtain, you could try a fabric liner and possibly get the best of both worlds.
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You might spray the inside of your curtain with Rust-oleum Neverwet.
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This might be a good use of that waterproofing spray NeverWet. [Edit: beaten to it!]
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Just tuck the one you have inside the tub. We switched from plastic to fabric a few years ago, and they're great: easy to wash, no mildew, air-dry quickly if you don't leave them bunched up on one side. We don't have a separate outer liner.
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EDIT: I just saw the other replies and realize someone already suggested the same.

I use a fabric curtain and cotton liner that I think is treated with something to prevent mildew, but it dries pretty quick anyway. I'm happy with them both. I know you said you don't want a liner, but if the reason for that is because your last one was crusty and old (was it the plastic kind too?) you might want to give a fabric liner a chance. Protects your flooring and outer curtain and little to no toxins. I don't know much about what is in the stuff that waterproofs fabric, but I imagine it's probably not very healthy especially in a warm steamy environment that really helps your skin and lungs soak it all in. I hope that didn't come across as pushy and unhelpful. If you don't want a liner, you don't want a liner.
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