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What are some books that superfans of the podcast Serial (the first season) will thoroughly enjoy?
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As I understand it, this podcast reveals the investigation of a murder over the course of a year(?), so therefore folks who love it might also love true crime books or they might like fictional police procedural mysteries. Before we go off listing things, can you help us narrow it down?
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Response by poster: I am being intentionally vague about the types of book I am looking for, because the type isn't super important to me. Are you a superfan of the podcast Serial? If so, what books have you read that scratch the same itch that listening to the story does?
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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a "true crime" story that gets pretty in depth into the investigation and the people/stories involved.
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Capote's In Cold Blood should do it for you.
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Read all of David Simon (non Fiction) and his wife Laura Lippman (Fiction) if you are interested in crime stories set in Baltimore! Really, I'm enjoying the podcast because I'm such a superfan of Simon and Lippman!
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Columbine by Dave Cullen
People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Parry
Lost Girls by Robert Kolker

Bonus mini-series recommendation: The Staircase
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Another on the Staircase.
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Erik Larson's books have a similar feel: Isaac's Storm, Devil in the White City, Thunderstruck and In the Garden of Beasts, and he's working on another.

True stories, a bit of the "how I found this out" sleuthing and so on. Good stuff.
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The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, by Kate Summerscale. I read it because of crush-onastick's AskMe recommendation a few years ago, and it's stuck with me ever since. It's the true story of a tragic and sensational Victorian-era murder case, as investigated by one of the eight original Scotland Yard detectives.

The person initially arrested for the crime is set free after Mr. Whicher decides that the evidence simply doesn't support that theory. He sets out to find out what really happened, running into stonewalling from family members and class bias in the justice system and local community.

The book is meticulously researched, and there is detail after detail for the reader to sift through. If you look through the reviews on Goodreads, people seem to either love this approach or find it incredibly tedious. Personally, I loved it, probably for the same reasons Serial appeals to me.
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