I fumbled the phone!
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Crap! I dropped the tablet to my (fairly) new Asus Padfone X face down on the tile in the kitchen. Where do I find the parts to replace the pieces?

The tablet still works, but the glass is majorly cracked and just barely holding with the screen protector and scotch tape around the edges. Local computer folks will replace it for me, but they can't seem to source the glass screen replacement for the X version of the Padfone.

Since this is the US version and a fairly new release, am I stuck going back to AT&T to get it fixed?

What broke is the glass screen for the tablet that the phone slides into, not the phone itself. I can find phone screens, but not tablet screens.
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Contact asus support. Even if you could find the glass, you'd need a heat gun and double stick tape and all kinds of other stuff to fix this. And since it's so new and not a common device, I doubt the glass is even really available through most of the parts reseller sources. So even the local shop would be hosed unless you could find it.

Asus is pretty nice about parts for stuff(and I've needed some weird-ish parts before. "Hey do you guys have the hard drive bracket to this several year old laptop you don't make anymore?"). And they might even be cool about repairing it for cheap or free. I've had good interactions with them repeatedly.

It wouldn't surprise me if they just sent you a whole new dock unit. I think they were doing that to people who had that windows tf100 tablet with the dock.
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A local mall has several kiosks that purport to fix broken cell phone screens. Perhaps one of them could help if you live near a large mall?
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