Are there good examples of the design *process* online or in book form?
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Are there good examples of the design *process* online or in book form?

I'm looking for examples of how designers take a project through stages i.e. sketch to the rough draft and then revision and then final draft. Preferably I'd like to center on print design rather than web design although great examples of the latter would be helpful.
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Online, off the top of my head:

There's this nice blog entry from UserScape about the design process of a logo design, written from the client's perspective.

There's this rationale of the development of a new ID for RedHat Fedora, but it's retrospective and doesn't discuss any of the roads not taken.
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Try Robin William's "Design Workshop" (the designer, not the actor/comedian). I, too, search for this elusive, process-oriented information in the hopes that it might improve my design. Looking forward to other answers here!
(Me: graphic designer @ Ohio State University, primarily print design with some display, illustration and logo design, G5, PS CS2, Ill CS2 (go, go gadget Live Trace!), InD CS, dual flat screens and lots of Mountain Dew)
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Sorry, technically, that should be Robin Williams' cause there IS an S at the end of her last name. The book is all black with a large, yellow letter D on the front cover.
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How to Design Logos, Symbols and Icons is an interesting book that has some examples of development sketches.
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Web Redesign: Workflow that Works is a good overview of the web design process. A Design Process Revealed looks at the process behind a specific web site design.
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Look into Creativity for Graphic Designers by Mark Oldach. He digs into design process.

You also should learn about the production side of print. For that I recommend Getting It Printed. An excellent book that will take you through the production process.
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