Marriage counseling by Skype?
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Can anyone recommend a marriage counselor who will work on Skype?

My spouse and I have been discussing marriage counseling and it seems now might be the time to go ahead and give it a try. Unfortunately we are only able to work with someone via videochat/Skype for now.

Does anyone know a good marriage counselor who is willing to work exclusively via the internet (even for the first sessions)? We're in the NYC area but given our situation physical location may not matter (although Eastern time zone would be preferred).

(I know this may create additional hurdles from an insurance perspective, but we can work that out when we come to it.)

Throwaway email:
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I do not know if they do videochat or Skype, but it appears to be "exclusively via the Internet":

I have not used the service. The landing page says Need someone to talk to? Take a look at our community of listeners and online therapists and find the right someone for you to talk to.

It says it is free.
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