Overlapping Network Ports On ps4 and xbox one?
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I recently bought an xbox one. I play fifa online on my ps4 and want to maximize potential performance on that. I setup ip passthrough/default server so that all traffic is allowed on the x1 and network section shows open nat. I'm trying to figure out what I should do about the ps4? Will manually port forwarding the ports here http://help.ea.com/en/article/what-online-ports-should-i-open-for-fifa-15/ cause any problems?
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Manually forwarding those ports should be fine, except for the cases where those ports might be utilized by games on your XBox One. I find that letting games negotiate their own NAT traversal via UPNP IGD or NAT-PMP is much more reliable in a multiple-device environment (and requires no messing with router configuration whenever you want to get a new game working). Just about any PC or console game made since the PS3/360 era (as well as modern bittorrent clients and any other network applications) will happily negotiate their own port forwards via these protocols. Of course, your router must support at least one of these protocols for this to work properly. Most routers come with UPNP IGD support out of the box, while NAT-PMP is mostly supported by Apple's Airport line of routers. Most custom router distros like pfSense, OpenWRT/Tomato/etc will support both.
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Response by poster: yeah the thing is though my router doesn't have upnp. just the basic uverse gateway. it really sucks. I guess seeing how I play mostly single player games and fifa on the ps4 i can just get the next fifa for the xbox one and not worry about it. So seeing how it's impossible to use both at the same time anyway it doesn't really matter if i forward those to the ps4?
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You should be fine just forwarding the FIFA ports to your PS4. If any Xbox One games require those ports to work, you'll have to disable the port forward. In the future, if firewall management becomes a hassle, you can always buy a more capable router and configure your uverse gateway for IP Passthrough.
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Response by poster: yeah i'm actually using ip passthrough with the default server setting for my xbox one. seems to be working fine. Seems like more of a hassle then it's worth to get a new router. Maybe I'll just start buying all multiplayer games on one or the other and not worry about it.
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This might be a crazy idea, but hear me out (I've never tried this): If you only play one console or the other at a time, then you could set them both to the same internal IP and make sure to never try to use both at once...
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