Best health insurance plan for shuttling green card holder?
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If someone is a 65+ recent green card holder with only 3 years work experience in the US and who hasn't lived continuously in the US for 5 years (but has visited every year for several months for a decade), they don't qualify for free or even paid Medicare. What is the best health insurance plan for them if they spend 5-7 months in the US, and the rest in their home country in Asia? Are they best off with an Obamacare plan, or some kind of special immigrant health insurance, or what? Thanks.
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As with anything, this is one of those things where you need to do the math and decide what works out best. Call an Obamacare Navigator in your area. Google your state exchange and go from there. They'll explain about eligibility, etc.

You can see what plans are offered to long-term visitors, through tourist insurance, but they may be more expensive and less comprehensive.

Insurance on the healthcare exchange is VERY specific to your location, so if you want to provide more details, someone may give you a recommendation.
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and the rest in their home country in Asia

With the caveat that I know nothing about living in Asia, for those of us in Europe the way we manage it is to get travel insurance from our home countries that covers us for travel in the US.
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