Used Records in New York City
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Finally, after 10 years I'm visiting new York City again. I guess the city have changed a lot. I'm there for about 10 days, and I'm really into used records. Can MeFi recommend good shops for used (or not) records? Perhaps other shops for turntable lovers? Thanks.
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A quick search found this list of record stores in the US. There are only a few listed in NYC.

However, Record Store Day's website has a list on their site as well, which includes links to store websites.
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Academy Records is kinda famous. For some reason I thought they had closed (for the usual reason: rent tripling or whatever) but according to yelp, they're still kicking.
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Mercer st books and records is very cool.
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If you want to look through piles of dusty obscure stuff, basement of The Thing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
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I don't go record shopping as much as I used to, but when I do I generally go to Other Music, a small store with a well-curated new vinyl selection and a smaller bin of used records. I remember when they first opened up across the street from the Tower Records megalith on East 4th and some folks were like "why would you open up an independent record shop in the literal shadow of Tower Records?" And now it's like hahahahahaha.

Also Academy Records, as mentioned above. The Record Store Day list linked by Terrapin is probably going to be a good resource as long as you click through to make sure any stores you plan to visit seem to still be open, since shops that participate in Record Store Day generally carry vinyl as a matter of course. I like Rebel Rebel (though I remember it being a bit pricey) and Record Runner but, again, it's been a while since I've been.
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For used records I recommend the Academy Records Annex in Greenpoint over their Manhattan location. Within walking distance and worth a visit are Record Grouch and The Thing (where you won't regret bringing a pair of rubber gloves).

In Manhattan I like to hit up Other Music, In Living Stereo, and Good Records. These are all within walking distance of each other as well, near Astor Place downtown.

Another place I just discovered is Black Gold in Carrol Gardens BK, which is a nice neigborhood to visit in general. Happy digging!
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I really like Human Head Records in East Williamsburg.
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I also like Co-Op 87 in Greenpoint - so you have lots of reasons to go to Greenpoint. My friend loves Permanent Records - used to be in Greenpoint but have relocated to South Slope Brooklyn.
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Generation Records is awesome, and Bleeker Street records is not far away.
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Definitely check out In Living Stereo (just a few blocks from Other Music).

If you're into jazz, do not miss: Jazz Record Center.
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