Can you recommend a career counsellor in Toronto?
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Does anyone have a good career counsellor in Toronto that can look over my resumé and come up with a good job hunting strategy?

I realize there are books out there for this, but was hoping someone has had experience with an organization or person that they would recommend.
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Best answer: Google "employment services Toronto" and you should find tons. The province funds extensive programming and so do the Feds - often at the same organization. Depending where you are you could try Woodgreen, or St Stephens, or the YMCA or any number of other places. All have resume help, job boards, interview help, you name it.

Your other option is to try the province of Ontario website and search employment services and look for the Toronto locations. Good luck!
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Best answer: I used Liane Krakauer and would recommend her. She has a legal background, which is how I came to her, but she has clients from a wide range of industries, I understand.
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OP - PM me for a personal recommendation.
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