What kind of tree is this?
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Please help me identify this tree. This is what it looks like. This tree smells amazing almost every time I pass it – like some sort of amazing candy. It smells strongest in early Fall or after rain.

Everyone should be so lucky to have such a tree in their life, and I want to know what its name is.

I'm in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada, and just down the street the entire block is lined with these trees. They may not be much for climbing, but HOT DAMN I love the way they smell.
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Best answer: Katsura. It's nice, isn't it?
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Quince, maybe? Very strong distinctive smell, flower and then fruit in the fall. The smell reminds me more of fancy candles or maybe some kind of upscale Dean & Deluca fruit basket, but, sure, candy, why not.
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From the Wiki page for katsura: "Of particular interest is the scent produced by the leaves in the autumn, resembling burnt brown sugar or cotton candy."
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It could maybe be a linden tree, the leaves are similar and they smell fantastic, like a sort of warm, green-fresh honey.
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Best answer: It is definitely a katsura. We have a few in the gardens where I work and yes, the scent of cotton candy/caramel/burnt sugar is awesome.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum.
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