Vaguely remembered visual MLB game previews
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I remember seeing some visual previews of MLB games (or maybe playoff series) somewhere about 4-5 years ago. The previews had offensive and defensive stats (probably advanced stats) for each team, graphed in opposition to each other. I have vague memories of what it looked like, described inside. Could you help me find them?

What I seem to remember is that the opposing stats were graphed in horizontal bar charts on the same line, so if Team A had an offensive stat you could visually compare it to the equivalent defensive stat for Team B.

My impression is that this is something someone did for every game, or maybe every playoff series, using a number of different stats. Sorry this is so vague...any ideas?
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I've seen stuff like this on Fangraphs. Is it something that was fan-produced or professional?
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Response by poster: It was slick and featured on a site of fangraphs' size/quality as opposed to a small personal site. I dug around on fangraphs before asking, but I'll keep looking.
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