Where to buy cufflinks and shirt studs online for my awesome new tuxedo?
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Where to buy cufflinks and shirt studs online for my awesome new tuxedo?

At age 31, I finally have a tuxedo, along with a beautiful fitted tuxedo shirt. My bow-tie game is solid, and my shoes situation is improving every day. But the only cufflinks I have are some colorful silk knots, and I have nothing in the way of shirt studs.

So where should I buy them? And what should I pay?

What I'd like, ideally, is a set of cufflinks and studs that are A) nice, B) very understated/conservative, although I'm open to seeing some sassier options if you know of something amazing, and C) reasonably priced (the further south of $100 the better; but here too, if you know of something that's incredible but pricier I'd love to see it). I've seen the $20 sets on Amazon, and if that's the consensus best option, that's cool, I'm just so clueless when it comes to shopping for shirt studs (and cufflinks, frankly) that at the very least I'd like some confirmation of that fact.

My collection of knotted silk cufflinks includes some black ones, so if you have a link to some nice shirt studs that don't include cufflinks, that's fine too.

Educate me!
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I've worn these with my tux for years and still love em. Not too flashy but also different than your average stud (like me). You can probably find a better price somewhere, that was just the first link I saw.
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Any place that sells a tux will sell you a set of studs and cufflinks. Simple black or silver should be fine.




You get the idea.
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I'll just add that some shirts seem to need 4 studs while others take only 3. So be sure to buy 4.
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Best answer: I just bought some nice vintage cuff links on etsy. There is a large vintage "section" there and I find it more accessible than ebay.
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My first thought was Etsy, too.
These are slick and add a bit of color.
These are $98 but very handsome. In fact, that whole shop has some nice options, although I'm not sure how brown wood inlay would work with a black tuxedo. It is black, isn't it? :-) These KY bourbon are pretty close to black.
I'm also a fan of this classic style of silver and black.
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I have two set of studs: gold/black and silver/black, I choose based on what my wife is wearing. I've always thought that studs should be understated and if you want color, you should put in in your tie and cummerbund. The silver set I have is close to 100 years old and was purchased in an antique shop are nearly identical to the gold set I purchased 20 years ago in quality and appearance. That should tell you something right there.

What you pay is dependent on the materials and quality and the name. Real gold/gems, durable cuff links, and "designer" name you'll pay more.

Perhaps the better question to ask is what do you want to say with your cufflinks and studs?

Honestly, modern shirts don't need either of these things. They come from a time period when you had a shirt with parts that got way filthier than others. Collars and bibs are cheaper and easier to boil and wash and starch than a full shirt. The studs make it easier to change everything out. See here.
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Kent Wang has reversible studs and cufflinks sets to go with them which will be what you need.

The studs/cufflinks situation with tuxedos is incredibly simple: the standard is black/onyx studs and cufflinks in silver or white gold. White/mother-of-pearl studs and cufflinks for more formal occasions. Don't overthink it.
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Based on your profile, it looks like you're in NYC. Go to LEO Design downtown. They have lots of art-deco era vintage cufflinks at some reasonable prices. Maybe a bit more than you were planning on spending, but definitely under $200 for some very classy and interesting pieces.
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