Space-saving furniture and storage for office/bedroom/studio & more?
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What are the latest and greatest for minimalist, efficient use of space for small, multipurpose rooms?

I have a room at home (about 4m by 4m) that I will be using as an office. I have no guest room so it would be nice if the desk could convert to a bed (I've seen the HiddenBed options for this but nothing else).

I also want to use it as a little music studio and would love to have as much stuff (mic, guitar, recording software) ready to be picked up, played and/or recorded as soon as possible. Is it possible to have an electronic drum kit setup so that it folds up against the wall? Anybody seen something like this?

I'll also keep some climbing gear and a large telescope, any other great ideas for saving space or storing them cleverly?
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Sounds like a Murphy Bed system might be the right thing for you. Here's a relatively affordable DIY kit for that.

You can use the technology to fold up and hide whatever, and leaving room in the room to actually do something.
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Best answer: Do a search on "tiny homes" on YouTube. People have invented many amazing ways of storing a variety of stuff. You may find some inspiration there.
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