Like AskMefi but in Spanish?
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I am trying to improve my Spanish, especially the reading comprehension bit, looking for good quality discussion forums I could add to my daily reading list.

Does anyone know of/can recommend good discussion forums in Spanish? I do love my daily dose of Metafilter so if there was something with a similar feel, that would be great. I also really enjoy running so recommendations for running/sports/nutrition forums in Spanish would be appreciated. Thanks! (I am aware of the 2009 question but I am sure that this is an eternity in terms of what's out there)
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My Spanish teacher just last week recommended:

These won't necessarily be the forums you're looking for, but maybe a helpful start?
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The Spanish-English forums on can also be really good. You'll find questions and answers in Spanish about English usage and vice versa.
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While I don't have a specific suggestion (except to note that Yahoo Respuestas is a thing that exists), it seems that your keyword for searching or other Spanish language search tool is "foro de preguntas."
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