Who can make custom iPod accessories for me?
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I have an idea for a couple of new iPod accessories. Unfortunately, I have no technical knowledge to design and manufacture them myself. I have put some money aside which I can use to finance the production. Where can I find someone who I can hire to build these products for me?
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Can you give a little (more inside)? I might be able to help.
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I'd hit up Paul Griffin. That guy is all about the sweet iPod gadgets, and general gadget engineering. I met him briefly at a MacWorld. He's a friendly guy who obviously just loves to tinker.
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I already talked to Griffin Technology representative and they did not want to work on my ideas.
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Heatwole, email me at sguen at mindspring dot com and we'll talk.
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I'd still try to track down Paul ... talking to a "Griffin Technology representative" probably wouldn't get you anywhere, no.
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I already talked to Griffin Technology representative and they did not want to work on my ideas.

I hope you talked to them in writing.
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"Accessories" is a very broad term.

Presumably you meant something technological? Which is why you've talked to Griffin? But maybe not. Perhaps you should clarify that you don't mean a new kind of protective case, belt clip etc.
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AmbroseChapel, I have an idea of an electronic accessory. Not a case, a new skin or something similar.

scarabic, yes, I wrote to them and keep all the correspondence.
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Not really the answer you were asking for, but The American Way seems to be to patent an element vital to the idea, then sit on it - forget about it for a few years while someone else invents it or something similar, puts down all the money, does all the hard work bringing it to market, and then you appear, lawyer in hand to skim off their profit.

But if you dont want to go that route, make sure no-one pulls it on you :)

Also, did Griffon give a reason? Sometimes it can be because a company is already working on it or something very similar, which would be important stuff for you to know if you're going to be competiting.

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these guys make most anything you design.
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Talk to Preston Graham at Simpl. He and his two partners created a headphone amplifier for the iPod and are doing quite well. Accessories are a very broad category as discussed already, but a good design/engineering firm could help you bring your ideas to frutition. I'd consider trying to do it yourself before taking it to a company like Griffin, Kensingon, Targus, Fellowes, etc. since you'll have much more control over the entire scope of the project.
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I meant Kensington
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