Great Acoustic Covers
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Any favourite Acoustic covers? Especially stuff that is wedding friendly?
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Probably not friendly to most weddings, but Nina Gordon's version of Straight Outta Compton is my favorite.
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Robyn Hitchcock bashes away on his Fylde to cover The Ghost In You.
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Best answer: Jose Gonzales doing Heartbeats is probably more famous than the Knives song it was based on.
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This cover of Nelly's It's Getting Hot in Heree is pretty great.
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Response by poster: These are great! Keep em coming
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Jeri Katharine Howell's version of Hey Ya.

David Byrne's My Love Is You.
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Obadiah Parker does some great covers. His Hey Ya is great. While not actually acoustic Jeff Buckleys version of hallelujah is awesome. There's also the Johnny cash album of covers like hurt
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I love the acoustic version of Everlong. I'd play it at a wedding.
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One of the best Stones covers ever is, in my opinion, the acoustic version of You Got the Silver by the late, lamented Crooked Still. If you listen to the lyrics, it's actually a really touching love song, especially considering the fact that it was written by Keith Richards at his druggiest.

Speaking of Jose Gonzales, his version of Teardrop is pretty awesome. Maybe not great for a wedding though.
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It might be a little sad for a wedding (and it's a live acoustic version rather than a cover), but Gnarls Barkley doing Transformer is phenomenal.

Peter Gabriel covering Book of Love with some strings is a great wedding song.

I would be remiss in not recommending Sufjan Steven's That Dress Looks Nice On You for a wedding.

The Veils do a fun cover of Tom Waits' Clap Hands.
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Oh, and Eva Cassidy's At Last. Can't ask for a better wedding song than that.
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Actually I should note that if you happen to like Tom Waits, there's a whole (awesome) Female Tribute Album.
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Seconding Hallelujah, but I find Buckley's version overwrought (chacun a son goût). I prefer John Cale or Rufus Wainwright (whose version is indebted to Cale's).

I'm also quite fond of greenish's cover of Verbena, a song by a MeFite to her wife.
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The Gourds' Gin and Juice is a classic. Ben Folds does Bitches Ain't Shit. Not good for most of the weddings I've been to.
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I'm partial to Gavin Mikhail's many acoustic covers of popular songs. You might find his cover of Ed Sheeran's "This" to work for a wedding.

Worst wedding reception choice by a violinist overheard recently: Eleanor Rigby. So weird...
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The Capital Children's Choir performing Crystal Castles' Electronic Dance Music song Untrust Us acapella is a personal favorite.

The Chapin Sisters covering Britney Spears' Toxic is slow and good. The song is much better slow and a little sad IMHO.
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Wedding-wise, Cat Power's drastically reduced cover of I Found a Reason (Velvet Underground) is a safe bet. (Her covers of Sea of Love and Wild Is the Wind are also nice). Thao's cover of You Really Got a Hold on Me is super charming (though I guess not acoustic strictly speaking).

There's always Robyn doing Prince's Jack U Off FWIW.
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I've had Passenger and Ed Sheeran's medley of No Diggity and Thrift Shop stuck in my head quite a bit recently.

One of my favorite acoustic compilations is Roll Wit My 6 String Rock Wit My Glock. Except for that Tori Amos cover of Eminem. Creepy stuff.

A few more in no particular order:
Birdy - Skinny Love
Jens Lekman - You can Call me Al
Ted Leo - Since you Been Gone -> Maps
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
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Best answer: I really like both of these, and they seem like they'd be good for a wedding.
The Lennings - You're the One That I Want
Alex Paul - You Make My Dreams
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Here Comes Your Man by our own ORthey. My wife and I used it as our first dance at our wedding!
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Alanis Morissette's version of "Basket Case" from the Kimmel show.

Cowboy Junkies "Angel Mine" from KGSR.

Pattie Smith's "Dancing Barefoot" from KCRW.
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I'm partial to Angus and Julia Stone's acoustic cover of Tubthumping. Might be a bit downbeat for a wedding, though.
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It's live and there's live music noise, but Bruce Springsteen's acoustic version of Thunder Road from The Roxy in 1975 is absolutely my favorite acoustic song ever. The thing he does at the end, changing the triumphant challenge to a plaintive wish is just exquisite.
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Maybe Fiest and the Constantines version of Islands In the Stream.
Seu Jorge's "Oh You Pretty Things".
Or maybe Nouvelle Vague's take on "I melt with You".
Or She and Him doing "Oh Boy".
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The Avett Brothers doing Springsteen's "Glory Days" is a lot of fun.

I like She & Him doing "You Really Got a Hold On Me".

Steve Earle doing "Colorado Girl" by Townes Van Zandt is pretty terrific.

And I realise he's covering the song he sung with The Band, but this version of Rick Danko singing "When You Awake" is just devastating.
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Frente, Bizarre Love Triangle. (Sorry; ipad linking problems.)
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Anything Jose Gonzalez is amazing, also.
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For a well recorded version similar to emcat8's version of Thunder Road above try this, from London 1975. It is absolutely fantastic. Gives me goosebumps.
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Love LP's cover of The Beatles' "Something"
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Jamie Cullum's piano version of "Frontin'"?
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Does Jonathan Coulton playing Still Alive count?

If not, Jeff Tweedy playing I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas is a little rough but oh so wonderful.
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How about Jonathan Coulton's version of Baby Got Back.
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Best answer: Many possibilities here.
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The Boy Least Likely To, Faith.

Not exactly a cover, not exactly wedding material, and not exactly acoustic, but I think this hits the spot.
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Pearl Jam's Betterman as performed by Eddie Vedder and the Walmer High School Choir.
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i used both of these at my wedding a couple years ago-
m. ward 'let's dance' (originally by david bowie)
miho hatori of cibo matto 'crazy for you' (originally by madonna)
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Best answer: Time After Time by Tuck & Patti is fairly awesome.
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Shout-out to Patti Smith's amazing rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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I am partial to Luka Bloom's take on LL Cool J's "I Need Love."
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Best answer: How about Regina Spektor's cover of Real Love?
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Best answer: The entire Everything But the Girl "Acoustic" album.
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This list would be incomplete without Richard Thompson's incomparable cover of Oops I Did it Again.
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i love this journey cover by matt the electrician, and it would be great for a wedding! (sorry, the only non-live version i could find is a doctor who fan vid. better than nothing, hopefully!)
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If you can find it online, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Acoustic EP "Unplugged and Unaffected" has some seriously amazing acoustic versions of their songs - mainly "Your Guardian Angel" which was my wedding song as well. So amazing.
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Lambchop- This Corrosion

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Jose Gonzalez often gets dismissed as wussrock, but I think his acoustic covers are pretty great.

The ones mentioned here are great. I also like his version of Love Will Tear Us Apart (YT), although, granted, not the best for a wedding.
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You might want to check out Mike Masse's youtube channel. He has an amazing voice and does tons of compelling covers.

The downside for you might be that he sometimes has an electric bass and the voices are kinda "processed". He doesn't always have the "acoustic sound" you might be looking for.

Some wedding songs:
Africa (okay, not really a wedding song, but i like it)
Can't help falling in love
In Your Eyes
Wild Horses
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Just reading this post in another thread led me down the "Puddles Pity Party" Youtube rabbit hole. I know this thread has long fallen off the front page, but I felt I'd be remiss if I didn't put the results here:


This also led me to the work of Postmodern Jukebox. Their quality can be uneven but I think these are great:

All About That Bass
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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