Help my pug and his bum troubles.
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So my dog, Mr. L.L.C. Jack Aujla-Milloy, has some bum problems...

He's a pug, a five year-old intact male with no serious medical issues -- knock on wood. For the last week he's been paying extensive attention -- well, to the extent that he can reach his bum, which he can't -- to his bum. Dragging, chasing his tail, etc. He appears to be in distress more than he is in pain.

Taking the law into our own hands, Mrs docgonzo and I just tried to express his anal glands. About 5 mL of liquid came out. Now, unfortunately, his previous behaviour has only intensified. He's really not happy.

Any suggestions? Or is it time to pack him up to the pug doctor?
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I recall reading it may have to be done several times before the anal sacs are fully cleared.
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My offhand spidey-sense says tapeworm. I could be completely off-base on that one.
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Best answer: He needs to see the vet very soon. It's most likely anal glands, but he could easily have more of a problem than just needing them expressed - he could have an infection or an impaction. Anal gland issues are pretty common with small dogs and can be very painful.

If your vet says it is anal glands, you might want to add some fibre to his diet - canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling, just plain canned punpkin) is a good choice. Also, more exercise can help (not to mention being good for his general).
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've got that same tingling, too, kcm. I'm hoping it's not, but...

Pumpkin, eh? Thanks for the tip, biscotti. He only gets kibble now but I'll try that.

Well, off to the vet we go... Thanks for all the responses.
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I'll ditto the pumpkin suggestion--it works well with cats also. If you're lucky, like me, you pet will actually *love* the pumpkin and beg for it.
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I just returned from the pug doctor, for a similar problem (and some vaccination boosters). She said that it was probably the anal sacs, with a slight possibility of tapeworm. I'd head on in, and bring a stool sample.
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FEED HIM PUMPKIN. Seriously, this completely and utterly works. Our vet told us to try it and we confirmed it online.
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Late to the post (again), but our now dearly departed pug would get the ole' clogged anal glands occasionally, especially with a change in weather. Our favorite term for this is "butt surfing."
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My schnauzer gets this on occasion and I find that she will continue to demonstrate "itchy butt" for a day or two after her glands have been expressed.
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Response by poster: Just back from the vet -- he snapped on the latex exam gloves and expressed the glands internally. The vet said one was emptied -- probably the one from yesterday -- but the other one was quite full.

Exam + emptying + drugs (for his eyes and ears) = $250.00

Thanks for all the advice!
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