Does this service exist?
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I made my Christmas gift list early, and I'm looking for a way to watch for sales on this specific list of items between now and early December without having to check every sale flyer for every possible store every week. Does this exist as a web service or an app?

Some of the things I'm looking for are store-specific brands, so it's a little easier to check back on those stores periodically to see if the price has changed, but some of them are national brands that could be sold at any number of places. I'm hoping that there's a place where I can create a list of items, Amazon wishlist style, and have the site/app check all of the sales ads for me. Is this a thing?

If you have any other suggestions on how to manage this, I'd be happy to hear them.
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For Amazon, at least, you're looking for the Camelizer.
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The non-app version of camelizer is

You could also look up your gifts on a site like and bookmark them, so it would be pretty quick to check all of those pages once a day.
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You could try searching (or even posting this question on) the forums at and if such a thing exists, I'd expect somebody there to know about it. The keyword you want is "price alert."
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Slickdeals introduced Price Tracker a couple of weeks ago.
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If you pin the items you want to buy with their prices on Pinterest you will get an email when the price lowers. I have done this for a few things so far. Most recently with some luggage. After having it on my board for 6 weeks or so I got the message that it was on sale for 55% off. Perfect. It only works for the specific item and retailer so if many locations sell the same thing you would have to make a pin for each item at each retailer.
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Haven't tried it myself, but poachit might be a service to try. It doesn't look like it'll work for a product across stores, but it will alert you to coupon codes.
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