Help me find a story I vaguely remember -- Halloween edition
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It was a scary story, maybe a folk-tale, that was part of a collection geared towards children. A child's mother is replaced by some kind of cat-like doppelganger, and the child knows because of the replacement mother's mouth (full of tiny sharp teeth) and her constant craving for fish. I believe the story was set somewhere in Asia...either China or Japan. Sound familiar?
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I just read this recently in McSweeney's, and it may be close but no cigar: "Catskin" by Kelly Link? Definitely not a children's story, but written like a fairy tale.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have mentioned - this was in the 80s or early 90s, so definitely not Kelly Link. But she's one of my favorite authors so thanks for pointing that out!
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Sounds vaguely reminiscent of a Stephen King story. Maybe one of his Dark Tower tie-in books (like the Regulators or Desperation) or maybe a short story?
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Do you recognize the look of this series?
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Response by poster: I remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark VERY well - this may have been a knockoff of that, but it wasn't in that collection.
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How about this series? Short and Shivery has "The Witch Cat", an American folk tale in which a girl's father is courted by a cat that turns into a woman and More Short and Shivery has "The Vampire Cat", a Japanese folk tale in which a cat-demon kills a prince's lover and replaces her. (Neither of which hit a lot of your points...)
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