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Our male German Shepherd dog cries from time to time, as though in pain. Trying to figure out what the reason could be.

My family has a male German Shepherd dog who is around 10 years old. He has weak hind legs and suffers from Mange (for almost 4+) yrs. Around a year or so he sometimes cries/whines a bit from time to time. As far as we can tell, he has not hungry/needs to go out etc, i.e. we cannot find any logical reason for this. Trying to figure out if he suffers from some pain (stomach/back legs or other) or if this is due to any other reason. This dog lives in Asia where the climate is hot, however he is pampered enough to sleep in air conditioned rooms.

Would appreciate any thoughts around why and what you may think he could have issues with. The most pertinent question is, how do you know when your dog is suffering from some internal pain which may be mildly discomforting but not too serious. Thank you
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German shepherds are prone to canine degenerative myelopathy.

That information sheet also describes the signs of pain in dogs:
x Panting
x Lameness
x Difficulty sleeping
x Pacing
x Abnormal posture
x Body tensing
x Poor grooming habits
x Tucked tail
x Dilated pupils
x Licking sore spot
x Muscle atrophy
x Decreased appetite
x Vocalizing/yowling
x Reclusive behavior
x Aggressive behavior
x Avoiding stairs/jumping
x Depressed
x Unable to stand

Please note that vocalization may be a sign of crisis in your dog:

*If your pet vocalizes due to pain or anxiety, please consult with your tending veterinarian immediately

Also, mange is easily treatable. Why has the dog had mange for 4+ years? Is he currently under the care of a vet?
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Have you taken your dog for the pain and mange? What did the vet say?
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What does your vet say?
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... mange is easily treatable. Why has the dog had mange for 4+ years? Is he currently under the care of a vet?

This. Not to pile on, but seriously, four years with mange is ... hard to square.

If possible, get cell phone video when you dog "Cries ... as though in pain." My vet loves cell phone video. They find it extremely helpful to see the behavior in the pet's normal environment.

Ten is also old enough to be having doggie dementia. Your dog may be crying out of fear or confusion or to alert you to a imagined boogeyman in the shadows.

In answer to the question, how do you know when your dog is suffering from some internal pain, you do this by having a trained professional examine the animal.

The are many reasons why your dog might be vocalizing in this way - I do not think the internet can narrow it down to the reason why your dog is vocalizing in this way.
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In my dog's case, this meant he had liver cancer.

Go to a vet, discuss pain meds even if they don't find anything. And treat the mange!!!! My dog had both kinds of mange, and treatment was a pain but only took a few weeks.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great responses. Yes, he is being treated for Mange, he gets dips and other meds. Right now Mange is under control or minimized however the Vet told us that it cannot totally disappear.
Regarding his crying, the Vet has not been able to pinpoint the cause. Trying to figure out what to do.
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Maybe it's time to consult another vet.
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My dog had hip dysplasia and would cry out once in a while if he moved wrong.
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Consult another vet and be prepared to shell out $$$. Your pet should probably have a full workup with major blood profile, x-rays, etc.
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Response by poster: Quick update

Our vet has prescribed medicines/vitamins which have a high calcium concentrate and the changes have been amazing. Our "pup" :) is now able to walk well and is more active than ever before which was really surprising to us. Since he is overseas and with my family I havent fully written down the prescription but if anyone wants to know the name of it, please msg me and I can get it for you.
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