How to remove the cartridge from a Glacier Bay two-handle bathroom sink?
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I have a leaky Glacier Bay two-handle bathroom sink. I am attempting to replace the cartridge(s) but I am stuck, and also have a question. More to follow...

1. In the following images, you can see I've gotten to the cartridges, but at this point I don't know how to get them out. I tried pulling straight up with pliers but it won't budge, and I also tried unscrewing by turning the white plastic nut but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Here are the photos: Photo1 | Photo2 | Photo3. How do I get the cartridge out?

2. Perhaps more importantly, I have turned off the water under the sink on both sides, but the faucet is still dripping. How can this be? What other possibly larger problem might this indicate?
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1. The barrel (below the white plastic part) may need to unscrew from the faucet body.
2. If you're sure you turned the stops the right way to close them, then the stops are malfunctioning. You will need to shut off the water upstream of the stops, remove the stops, and replace them. If they're soldered in, you're SOL and will need to get a plumber (unless you feel like learning how to solder and don't like taking weekend showers). If they're compression connections to the stub-outs, you should be able to replace the stops without too much pain.
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Response by poster: Thank you, notsnot. Yes I'm sure the stops were closed correctly. I see we have a bigger problem than the cartridges, as I feared. Will look into replacing the stops.
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These instructions might help.

Remove the Pegasus Glacier Bay faucet cartridge with an adjustable wrench. Turn the cartridge counter-clockwise. You may need to hold a backup wrench on the valve from underneath the sink if it turns with the cartridge.
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Best answer: Is the dripping water hot or cold? That will tell you which of your stops is leaking. You may have to twist it a little (or a lot) harder. Since they are used so seldomly, they can have mineral buildup or corrosion that makes them difficult to turn. Make sure you know where your main shutoff valve is in case something goes wrong.

Is the plastic nut spinning or frozen? If spinning, then you need a second wrench underneath as Johnny suggested. If frozen, then see below.

You have the right idea for the cartridge -- turn it counterclockwise. But it is probably stuck from mineral buildup. You need a better wrench with a box end that grips all six sides. It's obvious that your adjustable wrench is slipping. You can find the correct size by putting your adjustable wrench on the nut, then carefully measure the distance between the jaws.

Or you can go for broke and put a pipe wrench tightly on the nylon nut. You just need to get western with it. You are replacing the cartridge anyway. If that doesn't work, you are going to have to replace the entire fixture anyway.

By the way, Glacier Bay is not a company. It is a house brand of Home Depot. Various manufactures produce fixtures for Home Depot's Glacier Bay. So your ultimate recourse is going to Home Depot for assistance. They should have a help line for their Glacier Bay products.
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Response by poster: Thanks Jack Flash. Going to try again tomorrow based on the advice here.
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I replaced this exact one last month. You've already removed the nut that holds it in. You just need to pull it out. When they get stuck like that, I screw the handle back in for a good grip and try to ease it out while twisting back and forth.
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