Gag Gift For Odd Boss
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I need help with a gag Christmas gift for a father/boss...

I have been working for my Dad for the past year and honestly we have never gotten along better. The problem is that he is impossible to shop for because he has everything he wants. At the same time I would love to give him a gift that shows I appreciate the opportunity while also being funny and semi-cheap.

The quality we are looking to mock is his habit of giving vague and odd instructions that are impossible to comprehend. He is aware of this habit of his and is ok with us giving him a hard time about it. My problem is I can't think of any quality ideas for the gift. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Best answer: How about a copy of this book or something similar?
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Best answer: I'd get him something from Despair, Inc.
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Best answer: The thing about people who already have everything they want because they got it for themselves is this:

1) They have everything they want that they know exists. Obscurity is your friend here, whether it be a thing or an event.

2) They have everything they want that that it's possible to buy for yourself, or possible to buy with reasonable cost, or possible to buy without sentiment.

For (cheesy) example - I could go out and buy a framed reproduction of the front page of the Miami Herald for my date of birth, but why would I? If my parents gave me one and stuck a post-it under the glass with the note "they're missing the story that had the biggest impact for us - your birth. Love, us" it would be golden. And I say that as a person with a pretty low sappy-factor.

People cannot buy stuff with heartfelt they-were-thinking-of-me sentiment pre-attached. Don't underestimate the value of that.

That said, all the stuff from Despair, Inc rules.
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It's not related to the vague instructions, but I once worked with someone who gave the boss a plaque engraved "Boss of the Year: Quarterfinalist."
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