Suggestions for Trick or Treat Trip from Philly to Boston
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I have two kids (5 & 8) who are very excited about Halloween, but we are going to need to spend the evening of the 31st driving fro Philadelphia to Boston. I would like to stop at a couple of places on the way for them to do some Trick-or-Treating (yes, they will be in costume in the car - sorceress and cobra). So, I would love suggestions for some neighborhoods/streets that would be good places to trick or treat. Ideally in CT off of the Hutchinson River Parkway, Merritt Parkway, or I-84; or else off of the MassPike.

In case you were wondering, my standard route would be the Jersey Turnpike to NYC, Hutchinson River and Merrit Parkways to New Haven, I-84 through Hartford, MassPike the rest of the way. I can divert, however, for really good trick or treating.
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If you have any interest in driving into the city, West 69th street shuts down between Broadway and Central Park West from 5ish to 9ish and each brownstone is crazily decorated, tenants dressed up, handing out tons of candy outside, there's music, street is packed, and one house does a big show (often with flying acrobats).

More pics/info here, here, here (video).
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When I was a kid, Alpine, NJ was known for really good trick-or treating.
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Best answer: I live about 10 minutes from Exit 11 (or Exit 10, either or) off the NJ Turnpike and I think we have a pretty great neighborhood for trick-or-treating. If you want specific directions memail me.
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My in-laws live in Bristol, which is close to I-84 and Hartford. They have a young son. A few years ago, I happened to be up there on Halloween, and my wife and I chaperoned him trick-or-treating. I thought it was a pretty good neighborhood for it.

I also used to live in Northborough, which is reasonably close to the Mass Pike along US Route 20. I got lots and lots of kids at my door and nearly ran out of candy every year, but generally the trick-or-treaters rang my doorbell only between 6 and 8 PM. Depending on traffic and when you're planning to be driving, you may miss that window. My house was within walking distance of the town's high school.

(I would think Manhattan would trump both of these locations.)
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Best answer: Ok. I recommend my hometown- Ridgefield CT. It's close to both the Merritt and 84. Main Street and the surrounding houses go all out, streets are closed and it's a great time. Al Roker and other famous people are known to take their kids. There's one house that has broadway connections and makes their front yard into these super elaborate themed sets.
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If you can actually make it into Boston by nighttime, go to Southie. I used to live there (East 7th Street, between H and I) and I've never seen a Halloween like it since. There were so many kids that people just sat on their stoops passing out candy. There are whole blocks of houses/brownstones that decorate the street together. It's amazing! I miss it!
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