How can I give my transplanted hair a softer appearance?
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What products can I use to make transplanted hair look softer, flatter and less shiny?

I have gotten 2 hair transplant procedures by a top doctor and it has succeeded in filling in the front half of my hairline and vertex, which is great. But, the hair itself is a bit coarser than it should look for someone who is obviously thinning. I don't mind the "thinning look", as I'm in my 40s, but I'd like the hair to be less spiky and a bit softer and flatter.

The effect I'm talking about also looks overly shiny in certain lights, also. It would look better if it was more dull, actually. Not washing it doesn't look so hot, so are there also styling products to make it look duller on purpose? Bees wax, etc?
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I use dry shampoo sometimes and it gives my hair a less-shiny, somewhat matte look. I especially like the Batiste brand, which you can get at most drugstores in my area. Maybe a touch of that, combed through?

Another option might be Bumble and bumble's hair powder. I linked to their brown color, but they also have black and blonde. If you can find a color that's a close match for your hair, you might try it.
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For softening, I like high keratin conditioners like Joico's K-Pak. For a matte look, there are styling creams and pastes that specifically give a matte look. I've also used a mattifying powder like Got2be's Powder'ful for the same effect. Also, shiny isn't an unattractive option, IMO.
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Matte Pomade!
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Oh, and for the coarseness - I highly recommend two Lush products for this. Retread is the perfect regular use conditioner for this type of hair, and Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease is suuuuper softening.
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Another Bumble and bumble product that will give you a matte finish for sure is the Surf Spray, especially on dry hair. Whatever you end up using, you may need both a softening or grooming thing and a matte-ifying thing.
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