Looking for an accessible online text of The Conference of the Birds
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I'm looking for a copy of the original Persian text of Farid ud-Din Attar's The Conference of the Birds.

I know that there are some English translations of the The Conference of the Birds (Manṭiq-uṭ-Ṭayr) available online, but I'd like to reproduce some passages from the original Persian for a calligraphy project. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any online. Do any MeFites know of un-gated, un-paywalled text of the original Persian that is (reasonably) authoritative? Failing that, can you recommend a preferred print edition?
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Best answer: I don't speak Farsi, but I think this is it; you'll want to verify it first.
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Response by poster: thanks!
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Best answer: Here's some info from a friend, I'm pasting it:
Here are two sites with the original persian:



These are not annotated or "authoritative" by any means. The best print versions are generally considered to be critical editions prepared by Ṣ. Gawharīn (Tehran: 1963) and that of M. J. Mashkūr (Tehran: 1962)

There is an online electronic edition of the English translation by Masani here:


If the person is looking for specific passages, they will need to record which chapter it's found in the English translation, and then I can try and identify the corresponding passage in Persian.

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