Liquid ink on my white!
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My monster dogs just chewed a pack of neon blue liquid ink pens on my very light carpet. There are several dark ink blobs and other smeared patches. I'm afraid to touch it to even start cleaning it up. What can anybody recommend. Bonus points for how to clean a white (now spotted blue) bull terrier!
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How about Oxi clean?
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Rubbing alcohol or Gonzo Stain Remover. I get my Gonzo in the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store. Test on a small spot first, use a cotton ball with alcohol on it and then blot with paper towels.
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Seconding Rubbing Alcohol.
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Milk. Spill it on, copiously, then use a spoon and spoon if off, tab with paper towels, repeat, repeat, repeat. When I was 12 years old I spilled a pot of India ink on an oriental carpet, and this was the advice my mom got from the old Iranian rugseller. It worked. Try this before using stronger solvents like alcohol.
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Hairspray. My mom used this on sheets that had gotten ink on them in the dryer cycle.

She bought lots of cheap hair spray, soaked it in to the stain, and then it lifted out.
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Mostenbocker's #3 is exactly what you want.
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Do you know what your carpet is made of? It may make a difference.
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In my experience with ink stains on clothing, I've seen rubbing alcohol do WONDERS. Gonzo is also really good for stains. Haven't tried either of these on carpet though...

You could also try shaving cream. I've used this with success for carpet stains though I can't remember what type of stains...
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It's hard to tell exactly what would apply for the ink in these pens, but here are the University of Illinois's stain database records for:

Felt Tip Marker
Ink, Red
Ink (fountain)

Test in a small area, etc.

The dog should be left spotted, so as to help in remembrance of this sin, and pictures posted for maximum shaming.
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Rubbing alcohol! It's why hairspray and other alcohol-containing products are often recommended. Go straight to the good stuff. Flood and blot. I've found rubbing alcohol is unparalleled for ink stains.
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I just came in to ask for pictures of the blue terrier....
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I accidentally got a black pen mark on my brand-new white desk. I tried literally 30+ solutions to remove it that I found online. All the stuff mentioned here and more. It lightened it, but never remotely removed it. What it did was wear away the finish on my desk so it looks shiny instead of matte. I called the pen company (PaperMate) the following business day and asked what I could do, if anything. They suggested Amodex and said it dissolved their ink but works best if used before using anything else. I went to Office Max but it was out of stock. It took 3 weeks to get it in, but I finally got my hands on it. However, I haven't tried it yet. I can test it out later tonight and repost how it went. But I am suggesting to maybe try Amodex first before a bunch of other stuff, per PaperMate's suggestion to me.
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Update for Amodex: I tried it out on the desk and it lightened the stain but didn't remove it. I applied it twice. I'll note that in the package instructions it says: "No hairspray or alcohol--using alcohol or hairspray on an ink stain will only further set the stain" and it says not to use anything prior to Amodex. I used over 30 methods, so clearly that may have altered its effectiveness.

Hope you got your stain out!
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I found RugChick's blog when I was area rug shopping. She is a rug care professional so there is a WEALTH of information in the posts about rugs, rug quality, and rug cleaning. You might check out this holiday cleaning tips post that contains a handy detailed PDF guide. It seems like a lot of it depends on the material your rug is made of. If all else fails, you might look into getting your rug professionally cleaned.
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