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I'm a guy in Los Angeles. I need some sexy, funky, S&M/leather-friendly, ankle-height black boots for rocking out on go-go platforms, cruising around at Burning Man, and generally pairing up with scandalous outfits at club nights. My budget could be up to $350 for the right pair. In-store only, because I'd really like to try them on. Where shall I go?
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Best answer: Frye Chelsea.
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If you're just looking for where to shop, you could start at Santa Monica Place and hit up places like Nordstrom and work your way down the promenade, which has a bazillion shoe stores.
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That sounded glib, but there are probably 10 shoe stores right there.
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Best answer: Try Poser's on Melrose.
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Is there really a store called Poser's? That's awesome.
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Best answer: This is basically what Fluevogs were invented for.
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Best answer: New Rocks are the boots you want for this. They are gorgeous and a quick Google shows multiple places in LA where they are sold.
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