Name that snake.
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What kind of snake is this? My son captured a video of it today on the way home from school. Rattlesnake? King snake? Poisonous or not? It's moving its tail like a rattler but it otherwise doesn't look like any i've seen. Video here. This was in southern Utah. (And yes, he's been warned about approaching snakes in future...)
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I'm not super-familiar with the herps of the area, but looks like a king snake to me. The Utah DNR page seems to agree.
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If it's a king snake it's harmless. They eat rattlesnakes. King snakes are our friends.
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Yeah, I agree that it is a kingsnake. Kingsnakes will definitely do the "tail rattle" thing (and everything else that that snake was doing).
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Yep. Looks like a common kingsnake. They're non-venomous but I'm sure they'd bite/strike if cornered (says the person bit by her corn snake). Also a lot of snakes rattle their non-rattle tail; my corn snake does that when she's stressed and would like me to go away.

So pretty!
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IAAHerpetologist and that is a kingsnake.
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Thanks everyone! I guess I'll worry a bit less about random snakes wandering the neighborhood...
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Having now just watched the video, that appears to be the twin brother of the 5 foot king snake that lives next door in my son's room.
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Kingsnake, and the whole "can I kill it?" thing makes me concerned.
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Don't worry, the snake is fine (and long gone) and the kids apparently thought it was fake until it moved, and then they ran away.
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the twin brother of the 5 foot king snake that lives next door in my son's room

You can tell because they both really share their father's eyes.
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See, this is why smartphones are terrific. In the old days, a ten-year-old would have had to catch the snake and bring it home for ID.

We need to give outdoor cats smartphones to stop them bringing home snakes.
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Way to remember the king snake:

Red and black--friend to Jack.
Red and yella--kill a fella.

Stay away from coral snakes ;)
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Snake update in case anyone is following this: One of the kids' parents, a policeman, captured it in a cooler after the kids told him. I think he's going to release it in the nearby mountains or turn it over to a pet shop.
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