Lodging options in the Florida Keys, late December?
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We have tickets to fly to Fort Lauderdale in late December and are planning on driving south and spending the week in the Florida Keys. Looking for lodging recommendations, preferably with kitchen facilities.

We've been striking out badly on VRBO, particularly because the booking calendars never seem to be up to date. We'll keep trying that, but we've emailed about 10 different properties that say they are available to rent for the dates we need and they've all responded back with "sorry, it's rented."

Ideally we'd like to be closer to Key West than the mainland, but at this point we'd take any kind of suggestion to find someplace we can call "home base" for that week. There are two adults and two kids ages 8 and 10.

It starts to get uncomfortable for us at > $200/night, and would really rather keep it more like $100-$150/night. We get burned out fast on eating out, and are looking for someplace where we can also make meals.
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My favorite place is Hawk's Cay near Marathon on Duck Key. It's a bit out of your price range, but I'll throw it out there because sometimes they offer great Groupon deals. They have two and three bedroom villas with full kitchens. The only thing I don't really dig about the villas are the steep stairs.

Your vacation date is prime season down here in Florida which is why you're having trouble. Have you thought about camping?
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Best answer: By chance are you military? Because if so you can do Navy Lodge on Key West.

Another option is Tropical Cottages on Marathon. Here's the Trip Advisor reviews. Based on that, it wouldn't be any kind of choice for me, but it is an option if you're adventurous.

Try AirBnB or Homeaway, but people in the Keys are flaky. They just are, and the places are kind of grungy. But if that's your bag, it gives you some other options.

If you have an issue with the Keys, I can recommend the Hyatt House in Miami. The location seems terrible, but it's AWESOME. Yeah, it's right by MIA, but that gives you access to all the freeways. If you get a car though, it's great. You can get to the beach, to the Keys (although in season it's a horrible, trafficky, crowded nightmare.) The Hyatt has hot breakfast and meals 4 nights a week. There's a Publix less than a mile away, and a full kitchen. There are also some fantastic, authentic Cuban places nearby. I enjoyed staying there. I totally get it if it's not the Key vacation you were thinking of, but it's better than no hotel room at all. Daily rate is $149.

I wish you good luck with this. It's hard during high season.
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Response by poster: We haven't found any place in the keys and currently have a travel agent working for us because we've lost all enthusiasm for that planning rabbit hole, however we did book a room for the duration at Hyatt House as a plan B, and what looks like a really good plan B. Thanks for the pointer Ruthless Bunny.
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Right this moment on the Groupon offerings for Palm Beach show Family Rooms at Hawks Cay for $172 into December.
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