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At what brick-and-mortar shop in New York (downtown) or Brooklyn can I shop for high-end gourmet salts?

My boss mentioned she's into fancy food salt, so I was thinking about getting her some nice unique salts for Christmas. She is a very wealthy, trend-following, New York/jet-setting kind of woman, so just some salt from Williams-Sonoma or Dean and Deluca or whatever isn't going to do it. I want to impress!

But I also want to make this purchase from an actual shop so that I can look closer at the aesthetics of the packaging (this is important to her, not me) and also so that she can go there herself and purchase more if she likes to. The hipper/more "artisanal"/more unique, the better. I'm not looking for the rarest or most expensive, just the most interesting.

I've looked at the products at The Meadow on Hudson, but I'm looking for other options.

Thanks for your help!
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Dean and Deluca (in Soho, and various other locations).

Chelsea Market.

Gourmet Garage (one location in Soho, one in the West Village by 7th Avenue and 4th).

Fairway Market (in Various locations).
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Seconding Chelsea Market. Go to The Filling Station. Don't know if it will meet your desired packaging aesthetics, but they have a ton of really nice, unique salts. You could also try Spices and Tease -- also in Chelsea Market. Their packaging is quite nice but they might have less variety in salts than The Filling Station; their specialty is more along the lines of spice blends and teas.
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I like Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company for this kind of thing, although I usually get stuff other than salt from them.
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If you can find it, I recommend getting her a Himalayan salt block. It's a neat item, plus seems a bit more "gifty" than a bottle of salt. I know Sur La Table and the big box chains carry it. But you could look at the places in Chelsea Market for a local vendor. Also check Kalustyans - they have a variety of salts, and you could probably make a sampler pack (plus the place is awesome).

This Mind of a Chef (PBS) episode visited Jacobsen Salt a gourmet salt maker in Oregon (sold through W-S) which, I know it's not local, but it seemed really cool.

Maybe pair it with the book Salt by Mark Kurlansky; an excellent read.
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The Meadow On Hudson st.
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Oops sorry!
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La Boite is a Hells Kitchen spice shop run by blending savant Lior Lev Sercarz. This is pretty much as artisanal as you can get -- and actually, the stuff is amazing (though pricey). They have a smoked salt and an orange-fennel fleur de sel. If you want to venture beyond salt, all the spice blends are worth sampling -- the Isphahan and Tangier are my favorites.
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OMG Kalustyans is where you want to go. They have a wall of salt. (And a wall of beans, and a wall of rice, and many walls of spices...) Some of their stuff is packaged in their ugly house packaging, but IIRC many salts were attractively packaged.
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Bedford Cheese Shop could work. It has a location on Bedford just off the L and one by Union Square, and I have seen some nice-looking fancy salts there. I have a hard time imagining anyplace with more variety than The Meadow, though.
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Seconding Filling Station. They have sampler packs, which you can buy preassembled or put together your own.
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I've seen specialty salts in the food section of HomeGoods. They tend to sell at a discount relative to the high-end stores. There's one on the Upper West Side and another near Brooklyn College.
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