How does a song go from Demo to Recording?
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Are there any documentaries/podcasts, etc. that track the evolution of a song from demo to recording? I want to see what role a good producer plays, and what the engineer and mixer actually do. Rock on!
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Song Exploder on the Max Fun Network.
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Check out the Classic Albums series of documentaries. The episodes are not solely about the role of producers, engineers etc but they do cover this.
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A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica lets you see a lot of what went into making the Black album.

Also, Tom Dowd & the Language of Music provides a great historical perspective on the recording process.
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Response by poster: Sweet! Thanks everyone.
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Probably tangential to what you're looking for, but parts of Goddard's film, Sympathy for the Devil, included the Stones working through the song. The viewer gets a pretty interesting sense of how the song evolved from its "demo" sound to where it ended up. The clip is available on Youtube.
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