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So Awesome Mix Vol. 1 turns out to be a perfect album to drown out the sound of rain while I'm reading before bed. What other commercial mixes or soundtracks are similar (not too bouncy and without large changes in volume) and might also serve in this capacity.

Difficulty: it needs to be something I can store locally as internet service is spotty so streaming services are out. And while I'm not totally opposed to instrumentals I prefer lyrics.

Also I can't really figure out why this mix works for me in this capacity so all suggestions are welcome if you like it for the same reasons you like Awesome Mix Vol. 1.
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There was no official soundtrack album released, but the unofficial "here's the playlist" soundtrack for the film Fandango which the fans cobbled together may work. (They do sell something on that site which someone put together including clips from the film, but skip that and go just with the music itself. Everything except for "Farmers' Trust" is available song-by-song on iTunes.)
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As the Awesome Mix seems to be composed largely of yacht rock hits, I would recommend the Easy Rock compilation or the soundtrack to the movie FM.
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I'd suggest the soundtrack to Twin Peaks.
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The soundtracks to Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown might be what you're looking for -- although you'll probably want to make yourself a mix that edits out the snippets of film dialogue.
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