Sliding door caster replacement?
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I have some very old (40 years?) sliding doors which run on casters (?) one of which broke and I'm trying to figure out how to replace it.

Here are photos of the working one: one, two, three. And here's the one with the one with the missing wheel. (The wheel is gone, so I don't have the option of trying to reattach it-- I need to find a new one)

Can you identify exactly what these would be called? The wheel portion seems to have been gromitted (?) on to the metal portion, so either the whole piece needs to be replaced, or I need to figure out how to attach a new wheel onto this (seemingly unique, probably nonstandard?) metal portion that is then attached to the hanging door.
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Best answer: I would search for something like "sliding door hardware wheel" on Amazon and begin clicking through the results.

You may have an easier time just replacing the missing wheel than replacing the wheel + mount. I found this one in about a minute, and it looks pretty close to what you need:

Get out a caliper and/or take some careful measurements of the remaining wheels with a quality ruler and see what you come up with.
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Try also to search for roller. That seems to bring up more of the individual wheels like you have rather than the cartridge assembly that a lot of other doors use.
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A google search for> patio door parts roller < brings up some good links.
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