Updating GoPro software on a mac
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I'm trying to update my GoPro Hero 3+ black, after losing the wifi password for the app. Snag: I only have the camera, the SD card adapter is on a truck. Other snag: Finder is not allowing me permission to add/change anything on the camera.

Using Mac 10.9.4. Clicking "get info" on the camera in finder shows info, permissions says "read only." There is no lock to change the permissions like I'm accustomed to. I only recently updated to 10.9, is this a new thing with permissions?
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Have you tried using their smartphone app to update the GoPro? Edit: reading fail.
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The smartphone app won't connect bc I reset my phone's network settings, losing the password that for some reason I never wrote down. I'm trying to re-upload the software to the camera, which is how you can reset the pw for the wifi.
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If by the App you mean a program on the Mac you may be able to find the password in your Keychain. Open the Keychain utility and take a peek.
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Nope, the app on the phone. I managed to wrangle a mini SD adapter, but I'd still love to know how to change the permissions to read/write on the camera when it's attached via USB to the laptop.
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Right click on the icon
Get Info
At the bottom of the window "Sharing & Permissions"
Unlock the pane
Change the permissions to "Everyone Read & Write"
Apply to enclosed items

Done :-)
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