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My friend wanted to purchase a particular Anthropologie kitchen organizer that has since sold out and I am hoping to locate something similar either online or in NYC.

My friend wanted to purchase the following kitchen organizer but it has since sold out:


I have no idea how to find something similar aesthetically. She is set on the style and general size.

Any suggestions for search terms or online retailers, or advice as to where I could physically find something similar in NYC, would be much appreciated...
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Clickable link to the photo.

Honestly, that looks like something you could easily DIY with some Ikea stuff - I'm thinking something like how someone turned a specific kind of organizer into a windowbox with a shower curtain rod and some hooks. Maybe use some other kind of metallic....frame thingy and the same organizer things?
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I searched for "metal wall pockets" and "metal wall organizer." That brought up this, which is a little pricey but similar in terms or style but would need at least two for size.
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I see those all the time in antique stores around here, which is nowhere near NYC!

The Anthro ones are a reproduction. Trying to think of they're originally for so we can get a name to search on...
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When I've wanted something that was sold out, I've been surprised by how quickly I was able to find someone reselling it. You could set up a Craigslist alert (via IFTTT) and an eBay alert...also, if you haven't, you might try the sale section at Anthropologie. I bought something there the other day that doesn't even exist on their website anymore.
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Not sure if this is a mistake, but their European site still has it listed as in stock?
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