Help me find good working music!
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I work a typical 9-5 job. Sometimes my job is routine, sometimes it is project management, sometimes it is complex thought. I am getting tired of listening to the same couple of albums at work, so I am extremely interesting in finding some new music that I could work to.

I recently bought spotify, so I do like things to be in that format, but Youtube works pretty much just as well! I prefer playlist style so I don't have to continuously manage it throughout the day.

Music I like so far:
-Portal 2 soundtrack (For when I need to focus in)
-Awesome Mix Vol 1 (from guardians of the galaxy)
-Today's Pop Hits (to feel young)
-Animal Crossing soundtrack
-Video Game Covers on Piano
-Super Smash Brothers Albums
-Metallica Black Album

I use the portal 2 music a lot because then it feels like I am a super-hacker-programmer taking over the world with each excel cell I change.

I am looking for different music though, so please, whatever you think I would like or whatever you use, I'm sure I will make a day out of listening to it!

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Best answer: This playlist has led me to many an album/artist that make good background.
Spotify: Tracks for Designers curated by @jayman
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Response by poster: A friend of mine just gave me

Which is a industrial band that sounds a lot like that Portal 2 soundtrack I like but a little less weird and a little more pinball-y!
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Oops, shouldnt have hit post so quick.

Also whenever I'm stuck for something to listen to then I often end up with a terribly hip french record label: Spotify: Kitsune Maison Playlists

I'd recommend spending some quality time in Spotify's Discover and Radio areas, they do a great job of generating suggestions.
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Best answer: A few Spotify playlists I like for working are Workday Zen, Morning Tea, and Deep Dark Indie Folk. Also, Music from Braid is nice.
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SomaFm. Still free (and commercial free!), listener-supported-only streaming radio. They have a bunch of cool stations with a variety of stuffs on each one. My all-time internet favorite, still. :) :)
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Search sound cloud for 'essential mix', but here's one you should like that is kind of chip-tune-y
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I like listening to ambient music and IDM: Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, and the like. I used to listen to a lot of's DroneZone, too.
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Best answer: The Tron and Pacific Rim soundtracks also make your workday actions seem particularly badass.
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Burial & Fourt Tet - Wolf Cub/Moth

My friend giving me that 5 years ago helped unlocked my ability to really write. I can listen to it on endless repeat for hours and hours.

If you want something with a little more energy, Blue Sky Black Death is great.

Any of Geotic's albums are great too if you want something really in the background, but almost euphoric.
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Kitsune Maison is great.

More in the same vein:
Ed Rec vol 1-3 from Ed Banger Records
Ladytron - Softcore Jukebox
Miss Kittin Electroclash Massive 19 Track Mix
Miss Kittin Live At Sónar

Pi (the movie) Soundtrack (contains a bit of swearing so maybe NWS, but it's good to work to)
The Best of Cryogenic Studio
Aphex Twin - Drukqs
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