How to promote my software to investors
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I created a software library that should be useful to developers , even relative beginners, writing software for a variety of fields, but mainly for Engineering (Mechanical,Architecture). Big data and business intelligence might be other fields where my software could be used. I'm in the closed beta stage right now, my software might take a while to catch on, and I need some cash.

I should be able to start selling to customers directly in about two months, but I'm sure it would take much longer than that to make sales my main income. I'm interested in contacting some potential investors who have cash, connections, and experience.

I have a few specific persons and companies in mind, but I think the pool should be much larger.
So, first step, where do I find more potential investors, besides LinkedIn, of course? I need a targeted approach.
Second, I need to present my product and company in the best light. I am writing up a business plan and have created a demo that users without programming knowledge can try. I don't want to release the demo to the general public until I have the infrastructure ready to sell (license server, developer documentation,etc) But I can of course let investors try the program. What else should I do, keeping in mind that I don't want to blast it on youtube just yet?
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Are you talking to your potential customers? Have you shown them your prototype? Have you validated that they're ready, willing, and able to pay when you deliver?

Investors will want to see evidence of this.
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You should ask this question on Hacker News.
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There are lots of open source software libraries. Why should a developer convince their employer to pay for your library? And do you have a cheat sheet as to why its worth it?
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Also all the accoutrements that paid licensees would require in place. Support channels, licensing (site, seat, etc), disconnected networks (government work), the contracts that the business folk care about, etc.
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