Never really phoned there but I'd sure like to go.
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Are there inexpensive options for using my Verizon iPhone in Mexico?

I would like to use my iPhone in Mexico. A brief look at the Verizon web site looked like I would be paying full price and there weren't any international options for Mexico. Also because It's a CDMA phone I can't just insert a SIM card for a local carrier. Anyone know of a inexpensive way to use my phone?
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If possible I would purchase a cheap throw away phone with prepaid minutes when I got there. Assuming that it's cheaper that way.
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Response by poster: Sorry to thread sit, but I want to use my iPhone with my contacts etc. not a throw away.
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I added the Canada/Mexico plan for 1000 minutes. I think it is $15 a month or so. More info here. Added: data is additional. I bought a few GB and kept it off as much as possible. Worked well for me.
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It's a CDMA phone I can't just insert a SIM card for a local carrier.

This is Not True as of the 4s, and from the 5 onwards the sim slot is totally 100% unlocked and even works with other US carriers. There's people buying the verizon 6 right now to use it on at&t or whatever, and people were doing that when the 5s came out as well.

If you have a 4s i think you have to call verizon and ask, but otherwise it'll just work. The only verizon iphone that you can't just pop a sim in is the original 4.
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For future travelers: if you're going to Puerto Vallarta, the place you want is Unlock Vallarta, Av. Insurgentes #161, next to the Hotel Belmar. You buy and install a SIM for 150 pesos, go down to the corner Oxxo and pay for the plan you want, go back to Unlock Vallarta and they activate it for you. I got the Telcel 30-day 3GB plan (400 pesos) so I could use the phone as a hotspot.
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