Looking for fun Halloween comics, like Chick tracts, but not religious.
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Despite not being a religious person, I've always enjoyed finding and reading Jack Chick tracts, and I always enjoyed getting them at Halloween as a kid. Are there any small, Chick-like comics appropriate for kids that aren't religious, perhaps on spooky historical topics or that are just fun adventures, that I could give away along with candy for Halloween this year?
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These, maybe? I haven't read any of those but Cartozia Tales is more or less all ages in general (it takes place in a fantasy world). Good writing and that's a pretty solid list of indie comic artists.

You local comic book store might have these for sale. Some order them, some don't so might be worth calling first. As you can see, those are mostly all branded titles so that may not be what you're going for.

Those are really the only ones I've heard of. It seems like people should do more of these.
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Response by poster: After doing some additional googling, I finally found these, which are a vintage (and no longer available) example of exactly what I'm looking for.

The Cartozia Tales comics look good - thanks, darksong.
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There are a bunch of Halloween mini-comics available this year from comic shops in packs, specifically designed for trick-or-treating. They are age-appropriate and non-religious. See the link above for more info.
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