How to meet college students when you're not (currently) in college?
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I'm a lonely college senior in Boston, and I'd like to meet other students/people under 30. The problem is, I'm not actually in college right now -- I'm just taking the semester off, and this is where I happen to live. It seems like everybody around here who's even close to my age is on a campus, and I'm not sure how I'd go about crashing their social circles. So - any ideas on how to do this, or on other non-college social activities I could try? Thanks!
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Livejournal for people in your area?

OK Cupid?

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Do what we do: Facebook it. Seriously, on Friday/Saturday nights, we'll search the facebook for parties in the area and we can always find a decent-sized party. If the party's big enough, just show up, get a drink (or water if it's your flavor) and act like you belong there and nobody will be the wiser. You live in Boston, which is University central so you should have no problem finding them.
posted by jmd82 at 7:10 PM on November 10, 2005, of course. Meet people on there, join a few groups, and you will inevitably get a few invitations to parties.
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I'm a grad student in Boston and I'm pretty much disconnected from the campus. I'm not really a social creature to begin with, so it doesn't bother me -- but if you want to hang out with me and/or two recently graduated transplants whose hobbies include beer, ice cream, and Wario's Woods, just shoot me an email.
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I was just at a local (Boston) exhibit for an artist's show and was thinking "Wow, if I was still in the market and college age this would be a great place to meet people."

Look in the Globe/Phoenix, etc for gallery and museum openings and go hang out.
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Is your college in boston? Then join the extracurriculars. Even though you are not in school you can still be part of the sailing club or the ballroom dancing club.

If your college is not in the Boston area, then do what we post college folk do - build your social life around finding like minded people who love to do the things you like to do.

Also, another tip: the Young Sierra Club Singles night is a GREAT way to meet other people in their twenties who like to hike etc.
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Go to Peoples Republik in Cambridge and just start talking to people. All kinds of crazy college kids (and just plain crazy) at that bar.
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See also: MySpace.
Browse by zip code, age range, availability and other interests.
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Go to a bar near the campus.
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I've spent my life in Boston -- and if you can't find twentysomethings who aren't living on a campus, you simply haven't looked. If you want specific suggestions: What do you like? If you like clubbing, Lansdowne Street. If you like hippies, Harvard Square. Et cetera. Indulge your interests and find folks there.

Or, hell...try CraigsList.
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The post college 20-somethings tend to avoid the college areas. My friends group is mostly late 20s and have known each other for years, so we tend to gather at folks' homes and when we do go out, we don't really talk to strangers. This has the effect of stagnating the circle, so it's a habit we're trying to break.

Second the People's recc. When I was getting out of work at three, I'd head down there and play darts, talk with the drunken horde of postmen and assorted slackers. Darts in general, esp. at Silhouet in Alston, is a great way to meet new folks.

But now I'm married and have my own dartboard and home draft system in my house, so that rules that out.

If you like beer, I have a beer club that meets at various places around Boston on Wednesdays. It wasn't hard to throw together and should be easily repeatable.
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Do you have at least one friend here? Grab them and go to a pub quiz night. Find people who look interesting and ask them to join your team. Harder to pull off solo, but still possible.

If you have any kind of spiritual inclination (not just an established Western religion- maybe you've always wanted to check out Sufism, or meditation), there are lots of "Under 30" groups associated. A lot of my social circle is from an Under 30 group at a local meditation center.

The best way I've found to make friends here- when you get invited to something, always go. Don't be shy about asking people for emails or numbers- just say your situation, that you just moved here and are looking for people to hang out with. It's so friggin' hard to make friends in this insular town that they will know exactly what you are talking about.
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Response by poster: thanks everybody! this really helps. a few questions...

1) probably sounds lame, but how do i go to a bar and just meet people? i'm not totally shy but still, i've never mastered the art of going into some social situation without any friends and just striking up conversations with strangers. i don't want to end up just sitting alone waiting for something to happen...

2) about the facebook, is there a way to browse parties for boston campuses if i'm not part of one? actually i can view harvard parties because a friend of mine (who isn't in town) is a harvard alum and i can use his account. but then, how do i get into a harvard dorm (and probably other dorms around here too) without a harvard id?

3) to people who mentioned craigslist, what did you have in mind? browsing events? strictly platonic? any tips?

4) and finally to zia, i'd love to find likeminded people - apart from the sierra club singles thing (which i may indeed try) any other places i might find them?

thanks again!!
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Response by poster: btw, i should mention that i do have an ex-girlfriend in town, who i spend most of my time hanging out with. we both want to meet people, but it's harder for her because she's kind of socially phobic. but she could push herself to meet people if the situation wasn't too daunting. what's too daunting for her? maybe a bar, for example...
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If you're into the outdoors at all, the Boston chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club has a young members group. In addition to outdoor activities they run a lot of local social activities so even if you're not outdoorsy you'll still find something to do with them.

You don't have to be a club member to go on their trips so it won't cost you much to get started.

It's a great club to meet people in. I've met the majority of my friends, and my wife, in the AMC.
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I moved here to Boston earlier this year. Not sure what you're into, but some suggestions: Go to the Model Cafe in Allston and start up a game of pool. I really like the crowd there. It's a very rocker sorta bar. Or if you're left-leaning, check out Drinking Liberally. I'm on their mailing list, I haven't gone to an event yet, but it seems pretty active. They have a Boston chapter, a Cambridge chapter and a JP chapter.
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1) probably sounds lame, but how do i go to a bar and just meet people? i'm not totally shy but still, i've never mastered the art of going into some social situation without any friends and just striking up conversations with strangers.

Become a regular at the bar. Talking with the bartender is a good way to get an in with other folks they may be chatting with.

A few weeks ago, I printed up some sudoku puzzles and brought them with me to Cambridge Common. Within 15 minutes I was showing waitstaff and patron alike how to solve them.

The trick is to just have an in. Pool, darts, puzzles, a book, etc. I've seen folks in Cornwalls in Kenmore use the boardgames as icebreakers to good effect.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 8:52 AM on November 11, 2005 has been great for me (not that I'm in Boston mind you.) Check out the Boston area events and see what's happening.
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Learn to dance. Boston is a wonderful place for swing, salsa, & ballroom; just pick up a Phoenix and check out the listings they have every week. Swing City has great dances every Friday, with lessons early on for beginners. There are lots of friendly people there of all ages, young and old. This is a great way to meet people of the opposite sex, and even if you can't dance well, you won't make a fool of yourself because everyone is happy to help you learn. It's also a great way to practice going up to random strangers and starting conversations. Once you're into it, you can start crashing college dance clubs, like at MIT on Wednesdays; you'll meet a lot of people and have an "in" at just about every college campus you go to.
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