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Looking for suggestions or help moving a OSX disk image (.dmg) to the cloud ideally to a virtual machine, a less complicated project is moving a 8 gig Microsoft Office 2011 (mac) .olm file to the cloud and access via, or similar.

Essentially I would like to move a very device dependent archive of all of my data, settings, and software from a hard drive to a virtual machine to access if/when needed or at a minimum move a couple years worth of email to the cloud.

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I think the way you're describing this makes it confusing. Yes, you can move a DMG to the cloud, by uploading it to any of the cloud storage providers, and it will sit there just like any other file. But I imagine there are actually specific types of files you want to access there, using specific applications, right? Can you give more detail on exactly what you want to do? For example, some possibilities:
  1. Have the volume in the cloud, and mounted to a local Mac, so it looks just like any other hard drive, and your local applications access the data on it.
  2. Have a Mac VM running in the cloud, and you remotely connect into it to run applications and access the data.
  3. Have data for specific applications reside in the cloud, and your local copies of those applications know how to access it.
The solutions are going to vary pretty drastically depending on what exactly you want to do. Similarly, for email, I don't think you want to frame it as "moving an OLM file to the cloud" but rather copying your existing email messages into a cloud email provider. At least, that's what I think you're asking for. I'm sure there are many tools for that, but here are Google's instructions.
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pardon my clumsy framing of the question... #2 is what I was thinking, a cloud based clone of the backup .dmg I have currently. Rather than restoring to a new machine I would be restoring to a cloud based machine which I could then access as needed #1 is an alternative I am not sure how that would work?

On the secondary email question, as mentioned I have about 8 gigs (4-5 years) of email trapped in a microsoft outlook (mac) data base which could be exported to an .olm file I would like to move to a cloud based service. The google apps tool looks like what I would need except for Outlook migration appears to work only for mac.

The point of the exercise is to liberate myself from device dependency for perpetuity (get everything I possibly can including accessible archives into the cloud). Any additional suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I would move your e-mail to a cloud service (like gmail) and keep your desktop as a laptop. I would seriously investigate a chromebook. Alternatives that are not a chromebook are pricey. Comparatively anyway.
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So I understand you want to have all your data synchronized in via the cloud.

Is your current email account POP - IMAP - Exchange?
If its POP and / or you have stored email locally in Outlook / you could "simply" add a IMAP or Exchange account to your mail client and copy the emails to that account. Do this in small steps, depending on the speed of your internet connection and possible limitations set by your ISP.

If you already have a IMAP or MS Exchange account your email should be synchronised to the cloud already. Please note that Gmail is not Exchange compliant and cannot sync contacts and calendars directly to MS Outlook..

As for your documents and other data use cloud storage services like : DropBox, Gdrive, iCloud, etc etc.

Pictures and a specially video's can be hard depending on how much data and your sensitivity for privacy.
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