help me find a super-deluxe banana seat for a chopper bicycle
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I'd like to find a deluxe banana seat to put on this bike - so deluxe it'll practically be a motorcyle seat. I'd like a lot of comfortable padding for a nice, easy ride, and a split-level / two-seat configuration, kind of like the seat on this thing. It will be mounted on the bicycle seat post + sissy bars down to the rear dropouts. I am finding squat on eBay / Froogle. Any help?
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Response by poster: I have minor machining and welding capability but would much rather not have to go there.
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Schwinn recently came out with the retro-styled Stingray line which you can see here. The banana seats in the classic line to which I linked most look to be approximately what you're asking for, but you'd have to be the judge. I would say to contact a Schwinn dealer and see if you could just by a seat off them.
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By the way, I don't know if they're only available in kids' or teens' sizes, which might be a possibility. It was the first thing I thought of, though.
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Best answer: Here's what I'd do: Banana seats have been done, & cruiser saddles are more comfy IMO. So I'd take a style cue from a vintage lambretta and build 2 saddles in series. Make the rear saddle smaller for leg-swingover. Start with a seatpost, and weld a bar to extend out horizontally backwards. Attach the free end of the bar to the sissy bars. Cheap saddles have a rotating U-shaped clamp, you could clamp directly to the horizontal bar, or maybe come up with a short & adjustable seatpost assembly. Put footpegs in back for the pillion passenger, and voila!
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sacramento is home of the stretch bikes due to the fact that we have no hills here and everything is flat. I'd check out some shops here. i'm not sure who carries what, but I'm sure if you google "bike shop, sacramento" and make some phone calls asking about stretch bike parts you'll find what you need.

the seats I've seen on the stretch bikes around here are pretty close to the photo you've got of the honda.

you might also check through this stretch bike gallery for leads .. not a lot of seats that aren't cruiser seats, but i've seen em..
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've actually thought of the 2-seat Lambretta option as well, but that's a separate project to consider, which involves more engineering (as you point out).

The MX is more along the right lines. Better padding than the usual banana seat. Can we go any further with that concept?

I want to be able to carry passengers behind me in relative comfort, I should have mentioned. And since the bottom bracket is so far forward on this bike, it's almost like pedaling a recumbent, where you are pushing forward as much as down. Having some "step" built into the seat seems like it would give you something to push back against.

An extreme example of that would be a seat like this one:

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