How can I buy this ticket I found on ITA Matrix Software?
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I found a ticket on ITA Matrix Software from Guangzhou China to Columbus Ohio. I can't seem to find the ticket on any website though, or maybe I'll have to buy the ticket through two different websites since it's two different airlines? I checked expedia, and hipmunk. Details of flights inside.

here is a link to the ITA Matrix software website for the flight I want


Guangzhou (CAN) to New York (JFK) - Wed, Oct 22
China Southern Airlines 399 Dep: 1:40AM.....

New York (JFK) to Columbus (CMH) - Wed, Oct 22
Delta Air Lines Inc. 2968 Dep: 9:00AM...

Fare construction (can be useful to travel agents)
CAN CZ X/NYC DL CMH 904.20QLXOXQD6 NUC 904.20 END ROE 6.13708 XT 14.70CN 5.50YC 7.00XY 5.00XA 17.50US 5.60AY 4.00YQ 163.30YR

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I don't know but if I were you I'd ask on Flyertalk. Those people are on top of this kind of thing.
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hello from shanghai. I usually email my chinese travel agent. he charges a small fee (I think it was RMB 30 but not sure) for each ticket and books it. even delivers if you are in shanghai. email carl at gohappytravel dot com . I am sure he can help you if you are overseas, too.

you should make a screenshot of the matrix fare (because it has the codes in it) and email that to him.
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Does this link work (Flighthub)?

Here's the Hipmunk search page. Weirdly I couldn't get it to show up by searching Oct 22, but Oct 22-2 resulted in an Oct 22 flight. Searched CAN::CZ399 JFK DL2968
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It comes up on Travelocity using the multi destination search, although at a slightly higher fare. ($1164 vs your $1128) It is pricing out of the Q fare bucket rather than L, so it may be that L sold out since you did your search.

ExpertFlyer doesn't show Delta any more, so I can't say if that's the issue with getting the L fare or not. It should be bookable on the airline websites using a multi city search, though.
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Usually, I can buy the separate legs on the different airline websites in this kind of situation, but that's giving a higher price here, so I'd probably take the advice to consult a travel agent.
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For domestic flights you can typically just go through the individual airlines' websites, but that is not always the case due to the byzantine nature of international booking. So you may need to work with a travel agent (giving them the fare construction line) and letting them do the booking.

There are no guarantees, of course, that the exact fares that ITA Matrix found are still available now, though.

You want an agent who does a lot of international bookings, not someone who acts as a frontend to Google for non-tech-savvy people booking vacation packages (which at least in my area dwarf "real" travel agents by a significant margin now). If they don't have direct access to the airline booking systems, they're of very little value to you. The system for China Southern is called TravelSky, and the Delta side is Travelport/Wordspan; the domestic side is not the issue, but the China Southern booking ability might be if the agency doesn't do a lot of international bookings.) If you're in the US, agreed that Flyertalk might get you some good agent recommendations.
posted by Kadin2048 at 10:50 PM on October 18, 2014 uses ITA's backend and provides links to purchase. I see yours on there, but you have to call.
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China southern is really hard to buy tickets from. I've had the same problem. Most travel agents won't use them and don't have their details. And if you try to book directly on the phone they have complicated requirements about credit cards. There are only some they will accept and the name on the card must be the same as the name of the person flying, so I've never actually managed to get the fares that matrix shows that include CSA.
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Response by poster: acidic, the flight you linked worked for a second, and now it's gone already?? Can you help me find a similar one any day this week?
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Hmm, still working for me.. as is the "ExploreTrip" option from the Hipmunk page.

I would help you find a similar one but what is it that you like about this flight? There are flights for 800ish; not sure why you chose this one to begin with.
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Response by poster: As far as I can tell this is the cheapest ticket that only has 1 stop,.. I'd rather pay an extra 300 dollars than have to make an extra stop (and extra 6 hours) I think... Not 100% sure though I guess.
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Response by poster: I bought a ticket for Oct 22 since it was available. Thanks for all the help.
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