How do I update CC info for multiple online accts after a data breach?
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I am looking for the best way to coordinate credit card or other payment information for multiple online accounts...

Following the recent data breach at Home Depot I was issued a new set of credit cards, and find myself about to embark on updating billing info for numerous sites - Fandango, Starbucks, NYTimes, Amazon,ATT,Comcast etc. - close to 10 or more at last count. I'm going to try to systematically update all of them a single time and am looking to MeFite's for tips on doing this in the easiest, safest, and most durable fashion.

My thought was to use a CC that we keep at home and don't use at merchants to limit the chance of a data breach in the future. Is there any CC that does not require a person to update each site with new security code info every time the card reaches an expiration date? Is there any tech solution that allows for a single portal to link all of these various merchants together so I don't go through this again?

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I haven't found a technical solution to this problem. The last time I had to update my credit card info, I created a little sticky note that I keep in my desk that lists all the sites where my CC info is stored. Should make the next time I have to do this quick and easy.
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I do what you've suggested in your post -- for recurring payments and websites I trust a whole lot and use regularly (Amazon, PayPal), I use a card that I don't use for anything else, so it doesn't get compromised as often. I still have to update it when it expires. I use my other card for offline payments and random websites where I'm typing the card number in.

When it does expire, I just grab the last 3 months worth of bills and go through them, updating each site that appears on the bills. I figure if I haven't had a charge in 3 months, I'll just have to update it next time I actually use that site.
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This has happened to me enough that I now have a spreadsheet with a list of places where I need to update the card number. I just work down it. But I also do have a separate card for recurring payments, which limits the number of places I have to update it when my regular card gets compromised.
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As for preventing having to do this in the future, you could start using paypal for everything that permits paypal payments. Then, all you have to do when a card expires is update your paypal account.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Sounds like it's as good as it can get. I like the Paypal method but it doesn't seem as though too many places use that option currently.
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