Alternative comic shops in Denver?
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We will be traveling to Denver later this month and would really like to check out some alternative comic shops, if there are any! A Google search turns up general comic shops, but results on alt comic, zine-y shops are few. Any tips on some cool places would be great! Thinking along the lines of Oily comics, etc.
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It's not just comics (and full disclosure, I have never been there but just know Dan), but Kilgore Books is probably worth checking out. They also run a small press for comics.
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Kilgore is your best bet, but sometimes there is interesting stuff at Mutiny Now! at Broadway and Ellsworth. You won't be able to buy anything there, but if the Denver Zine Library is open while you are in town, it might be worth stopping in and checking out their collection.
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There's also Mutiny Information Cafe on Broadway, and Black and Read might interest you, too. These are book and/or gaming stores, too, but they seem to have a soft spot for subversion. Give 'em a try!
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Seconding Kilgore books. They have a section with independent zines and comics, some locally published.
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